In October of 2018, a series of military drills took place in Nakhichevan aimed at coordinating operations between Nakhichevan’s local military with other militarised institutions in the planning of operations and the managing of personnel. A specialised radar system, the RP-10, was tested out during the drills, which is operableContinue Reading

Today, Azeri Defence minister Zakir Hasanov visited troops on the line-of-contact to mark the holiday of Kurban Bayram (Eng. Feast of Sacrifice) accompanied by several high-ranking officials from the ministry. The official source pointed out that Hasanov conversed with the troops, following up on different issues, after which he alsoContinue Reading

Azerbaijan’s Defence minister Gen Zakir Hasanov visited the villages in the southwest of the country last week, just kilometres from the line-of-contact and the Iranian border.  Hasanov visited the village’s memorial to servicemen killed during the April clashes of 2016, special attention from Azeri official media was put on theContinue Reading

Azerbaijan’s Defence minister paid an official visit to military installations on the southern segment of the line-of-contact aimed at evaluating the current situation. Official reports state that Gen Zakir Hasanov’s agenda included following up on the combat readiness of troops, during which he was seen at an observation post apparentlyContinue Reading

In a significant gesture of bilateral relations, Turkey’s Defence Minister, Gen Hulusi Akar, paid an official visit to the Nakhichevan to meet with his Azeri counterpart Gen Zakir Hasanov. This is significant in that, it is the first official visit of such a high-ranking representative of Turkey’s armed forces toContinue Reading

PLEASE NOTE: This article contains statements that are political in nature, which do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Nagorno Karabakh Observer, but are merely quoted from other sources. On Thursday, an apparent incident occurred on the line-of-contact between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. In a briefing given to local journalists,Continue Reading

Azeri Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov had a series of meetings with high-level foreign officials over these past several days. The meetings were apparently aimed at furthering bilateral co-operation in the military and defence realms. On 06 March, minister Hasanov received the UK Defence Ministry’s director for International Security Policy, NickContinue Reading